Friday, 8 December 2017

It is OKAY to not have you s*** together

Sometimes it’s okay to hit a bit of a slump…. Sometimes it's just difficult to motivate yourself to do anything, or whatever you are doing just doesn't make you happy and you know what, I've decided that it is okay. And it is totally okay to not have your s*** together!! I certainly don't have mine together.

Hitting a slump can just happen and you have zero control over it… and then everything builds up to the point of breaking, but the only option really is to just ride it outttttt//go with the flowwww.

For me, it can be in the form of creativity, when I have so much I need to do for uni and everything else I end up just hitting a block… Tends to be when I have had sooooo many ideas but when it’s come down to the actual doing part, it just feels totally overwhelming by everything. It’s kinda like I have all the thoughts, all the creativity flowing, and all the excitement, but at the same time am feeling totally swamped, and therefore do absolutely nothing towards any of it…

I often get mega shitty weeks and sometimes it can put me on a right downer where no matter what I do I am just never satisfied with what I am doing and the littlest of things cause everything to just come falling down and sometimes it's good to just have a little cry now and then. Bc, at the end of the day, are you even human if you don't cry once in a while?

However, after that shitty week it can sometimes give you the space to start again new with a fresh, clear your head and realise what you need to do so you come back thinking ~ HELL YEAH I got this ~ This is where I am right now and I know what I really wanna do, and for me it tends to be making and doing more of what I love to the best standard I possibly can.

Sometimes all it takes is a mini breakdown and the realisation of I really don't have my shit together but who cares. Your struggle and your mess is something to be proud of. One day you will be able to look back and know every tear, every mess you made, every hour you worked, and every hour of sleep you lost caused you to be the success you became.

SO! Then here is to a mini fresh start, plus who cares if it's nearly the end of the year when people say just do it in the new year... well no each day I wanna be able to do something I love and think yeah I got this, you got this, WE totally got this.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Dating On A Student Budget

Being in a relationship whilst being a student certainly, has its benefits. For me, I lurvvvve growing and learning alongside my boyfriend as we navigate and motivate ourselves through university life together. However, it can be straining amongst deadlines, essays and late nights in the library to have the time together doing something we both enjoy with very little cost. 
It's common knowledge that us students have empty purses... SOooo, a few week back we decided to make a list of fun (but cheap) date ideas to suit our student budget.

♡ Picnic in local park
♡ A scavenger hunt
♡ At home spa day
♡ Sitting watching a sunrise/sunset
♡ Go to an amateur comedy club
♡ Pub quiz night
♡ Play tourist in our own city & explore
♡ Film marathon
♡ Play board games
♡ Wander round local book & vinyl stores
♡ Cook dinner at home as a date night
♡ Build a blanket fort
♡ Buy the biggest puzzle from the local charity shop
♡ Take a trip to a free museum

What would your perfect date night be?? Comment below so I can steal some of your ideas :)


Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Autumnal Outfit Snappin'

Feels like I've been waiting FOREVER for this moment... oh yeahhh, my first autumnal post of the year, HURRAY! You all know as much as I love summer, long nights, chilling in the parks, holidays but autumn will always be my favourite time of the year! As much as I love summer clothes I am OBSESSED with jumpers!! I can't wait to layer to my hearts content.... basically, autumn, I’m ready for ya!

Starting off with outfits... I know I keep scything this but I am really gonna try do a lot more outfit / fashion posts these next upcoming months. Expect loads of wooly jumpers and ALL the beanies in the world… I tend to have go-to outfits but recently I am loving the black denim jackets and skirts styled with everything knitted!! Plus there is so many nice pairs of boots on Asos which isn't good as I keep eyeing up them all PLEASE help meeee!

This outfits been my go-to at the moment, I can’t stop eyeing up ALL the new boots over on Asos…helppppp meeee.

Okay, enough about me, do you love autumn as much as me // What are you most excited about over the next few months? I wanna know alllllll!


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